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A Typical Soviet Apartment vs A Modern Russian One

A Typical Soviet Apartment vs A Modern Russian One

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Studying at Enjoy Russian School you have an unique opportunity to stay with ordinary Russian guest families. What do you expect to see entering their apartments? Let's look how image of a snug home has changed. And has it? Do you agree or disagree with our list? Please share your own experience! Visit our website to explore the whole list

A typical Soviet apartment
It was usually a standard parlor apartment in a panel building. There were several “must have” stuff in there:
- a wall cabinet ("stenka");
- a piano (it was not necessary used, but every educated and noble family was supposed to have it);
- a luster lamp;
A modern Russian apartment
It is usual to see it in modern Russian apartments:
- no bed, but sofa used for sleeping at night (as the living room is also a bedroom);
- TV in the kitchen (as family spend there their evenings);
- washing machine, refrigerator, microwave – all that you can not imagine XXI century apartments without;
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